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Increase your Salary - how to negotiate For MOre!

A 7-step formula to negotiate your salary at job offer.

I've secured $3M+ in compensation for my clients in the last 10 years. Get my complete plug and play process to do the same.

$997 FREE audio training for professionals:


This is a practical step-by-step guide that you can listen to while driving, doing reps, or completing chores.


what people are saying

"Dorothy's deep understanding of the intricacies involved in negotiating and ability to find creative solutions even in the most challenging negotiations is truly impressive. "

Elsbeth Hurry, CEO of Bizboxes 

You Get Paid What You Negotiate

What if you could feel valued for the work you do?

What if you could be seen?

"Impossible you," say?

I show you how to make it possible!

does this sound like you?

You pour your heart and soul into your work, ceaselessly striving for excellence. However, to your profound frustration, you found out that your male colleague is paid substantially more than you

There is a voice inside you shouting out to speak up for the value you deserve

Though you worry that by asserting your worth and standing up for yourself, you may jeopardize the brand you've painstakingly crafted over time.

I have news for you!

you are not alone

I am here to tell you...

You can double your paycheck. 

You don't have to double your workload to do so.

You don't have to stay stuck in your role anymore

You are enough just the way you are! Embrace that.

You could have this

How is this possible? 

If you are really serious about being paid for the value you bring, you have to make a choice right now: You can either keep doing what you have been doing and you can keep working way too hard with little to show for can download this FREE training and finally discover how to effectively fight for your worth!

As seen on


I show you how to feel unstuck at work again.

See what others are saying

Dakota Fog, Marketing Leader, Phoenix, AZ

“I was able to improve my salary offer value by over $50,000 because of the negotiations training I received from Dorothy Mashburn. I found she is able to help a candidate identify their strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator and develop strategies to showcase them so they can get the best value in a job offer discussion."

Lisa Dripe, Director of PMO, NY, NY

"An extremely astute coach on the negotiation process, Dorothy helped me secure $95,000 in compensation which is more than double my previous compensation. I felt that during our time together, Dorothy really listened and understood what was holding me back. She then helped me develop the plan to get the results I was looking for"

Sherri Oakson, Chief of Staff, Kalamazoo, MI

“"Dorothy is an exceptional negotiator with a natural talent for finding mutually beneficial solutions for all parties involved. She has a unique ability to build rapport and establish trust with people from diverse backgrounds which has led to over nine years of success in MedTech and over six years of success in retail and plastics. I greatly admire her passion for helping others and her insights have helped me  navigate multiple negotiations in my career.”

the right trigger words are key to getting a pay raise

This script is a cheat sheet to getting more!

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