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Answer these five questions to learn your negotiation style!
When you're involved in a negotiation, how often do you try to understand the other person's needs and perspectives?
How would you describe your typical approach to negotiations?
How comfortable are you with conflict during a negotiation?
Very uncomfortableSomewhat uncomfortableNeutralSomewhat comfortableVery comfortable
When you don't get what you want in a negotiation, how do you respond?
End the negotiation Show frustration openlyFeel frustrated but hide my feelingsAccept but feel disappointedAccept and try to understand why
How do you deal with the interests of the other party in a negotiation?
I try to dominate and push my interests. I will compromise my interests to meet theirs.I mostly focus on my own interests.I try to find a balance between their interests and mine.I try to accommodate them as much as possible.

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