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How to get Noticed by Recruiters - Elevate Your Executive Presence on LinkedIn for Impact

Updated: May 7

LinkedIn is a tool that can significantly skyrocket careers.

Today, it is a must-have tool for executives wanting to elevate. A strong profile and presence makes it simple to be noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

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Build your Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Right now is the perfect time to tap into the power of LinkedIn not only to secure a new role but also to find one that is fulfilling and impactful.

Here’s how:

How to get Noticed by Recruiters -Visibility and Discovery

Engage actively on LinkedIn by posting content and participating in discussions.

Like it or not, LinkedIn's algorithm favors active users; Your profile shows up more quickly in search results, making it easier for like-minded professionals, recruiters, and potential employers to discover you.

Don't think of it as trying to be the next big influencer. Think of it as being a thought leader in your field. This is how you get noticed by recruiters.


Regularly posting on LinkedIn helps you grow your network and reduces the degrees of separation between you and key decision-makers.

When recruiters search using a search term, 1st and 2nd degree connections show up first.

With a broader network, you are more likely to be discovered and get first dibs on job opportunities that are not widely advertised.

Try to connect to at least 50 new individuals a week. Use a quick introduction message so you can copy and paste each time. This network expansion is extremely critical especially if you are in the market looking for your next role.

Professional Branding

Sharing your insights, stories, and professional achievements on LinkedIn aids in crafting a compelling professional brand.

I have heard recruiters call it the, "candidate pulse." In other words, they are trying to determine if the candidate has a strong presence - both how they show up online and the content that they share.

This visibility makes you a more attractive candidate to hiring managers, who often feel more connected to candidates they understand and know through their consistent online presence.

Of course, your content should align with your career goals and the values of your target companies, reinforcing your suitability for high-impact roles.


Commenting on posts is a great way to start.

But remember, don't just use generic remarks such as saying thanks for sharing or great post.

Add your opinion. Add a counter point.

Participating actively in discussions boosts your visibility. Additionally, meaningful comments demonstrate your expertise and excitement for your field, subtly signaling to potential employers that you are an active participant in your industry.

Strategy for Posting

If you’re new to active LinkedIn engagement, start small. Begin by interacting with others' posts through comments and likes.

As you grow more comfortable, you can start sharing original content.

This gradual approach helps you build confidence and establish a unique voice on the platform.

Here is a way to break up the week:

  1. Make Monday about motivation - post a favorite quote

  2. Tuesday can be about industry insights

  3. Wednesday can be about wisdom - something you have learned during your professional journey

  4. Thursday can be about reflection - you can share a story about how you overcame a challenge in your work. Provide context, action, and results.

  5. Friday - Feature a project you have recently completed. Make sure it's relevant to the role or industry you are targeting. What did you learn from it? How will use the learning in a new role?

  6. Saturday - Focus on stories about work-life balance.

  7. Sunday - How do you deal with stress. What self-care practice works for you.

To maintain an interesting LinkedIn presence, vary your content.

Share updates about industry news, personal milestones, insightful articles, and narratives that showcase your professional journey and insights.

Each post should contribute to the story you want to tell about your professional life and aspirations.

Polish up your profile

Optimizing your profile is the best way to start your online brand building. When recruiters or potential hiring managers visit your profile, they see a polished and professional snapshot of your capabilities.


A strong LinkedIn presence is a non-negotiable for career advancement.

Success on this platform requires more than sporadic likes or comments.

To truly stand out, you need an intentional strategy. Start with engaging with other people's post. Next, establish a content calendar with specific themes for each day of the week. This way you not only increase your visibility, you also engage with your network in a significant way.

This consistent, thoughtful interaction cements your status as a key player in your industry, opening the door to transformative career opportunities.


Are you ready to elevate your career? Secure a spot for a complimentary mini-coaching call.

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