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Confidently Negotiate your Value!

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It is time for you to be spectacular

From Frustration to confidence

If you are feeling overworked, underpaid, and overlooked, I can help.

I am Dorothy Mashburn, and I am passionate about teaching professional women how to apply the latest techniques from social science, influence, and persuasion to negotiate with impact!


​With over 500 negotiation deals with CEOs, board rooms, and executives at fortune 500 companies, I have experimented and sharpened my negotiation expertise which I am happy to share with professionals like you. 


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You Deserve to Be Paid for the value you bring

You work countless hours to make someone else look good. Then that someone gets promoted. And you are standing in the crowd seeing that person get recognized. 

Are you tired of that  feeling - that feeling of being invisible? Of being underappreciated and undervalued?


Hundreds of high-achieving women come to me with this immense frustration. And I help them say, "it is time to end this endless misery."


It's time to take control of your financial future by mastering the ability to own your power. 

what i believe


I believe that women in the workforce are a powerful group of value creators. They are driven by a desire to create positive change and have a passion for what is right.


Unfortunately, traditional beliefs and upbringings can make us feel like we don't deserve to ask for more in compensation.

Courses on this platform are designed to help women build their confidence, develop their negotiation acumen, and speak up for the compensation they deserve.

I believe negotiation is a skill that anyone can learn, and I want to teach it to professionals so they unlock their full potential and be rewarded for their contributions.


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From Underdog to CEO

As an immigrant woman (from the foothills of the Himalayas) ascending the corporate ladder in the United States, Dorothy faced a dual challenge: assimilating into an unfamiliar culture and contending with the gendered expectations imposed by her heritage and the corporate hierarchy. Her professional journey was punctuated by achievements but also marred by periods of intense stress that pushed her to the edge of burnout on multiple occasions.

Despite these struggles, Dorothy found the strength to persevere. The ever present fears of inadequacy, failure, and loss of identity in a foreign country did not deter her. Confronting these fears helped her tap into a deep well of resilience, transforming her challenges into a source of empowerment.

Overtime, she found her place and her voice. And now she is empowering others to embrace their own power.

Take the First Step Towards Financial Freedom

The thought of negotiating your salary can be daunting for anyone, but it doesn't have to be. We provide you with the education, resources, and safe zone you need to succeed.


You'll learn how to communicate your value effectively, navigate challenging conversations, and negotiate fair compensation packages.


Use my free resources. Or schedule a 90 minute session to pick my brain. 

For a limited time!

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