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Do you need a career coach: It is Smart Business to invest in yourself

It's so easy to splurge on the latest iPhone or a pair of red sole shoes - for that instant happiness fix.

We all need a quick dopamine boost.

Though, over the years I have learned that we must have balance. This quick hits satisfy us only momentarily.

Very soon you are looking for the next hit and the next. In short, there is very little long term benefit.

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Own your power

Do you need a career coach: What are the benefits?

I spent time much time thinking about this question, "Do you need a career coach?"

I've channeled over $50,000 into personal development and career coaching over the last two years.

This wasn't an impulse buy.

This was a calculated step.

The thought I had was this - if I find steady fulfillment, I don't need those dopamine hits. So, in my mind, it was not about the expense, it was an investment with the expectation of substantial returns.

And it paid off. For me!

Question is, can we repeat this for others. The answer is yes.

Consider the journey of a client, M who was making $280,000 annually and was restless for a change.

Initially, she hesitated to invest in career coaching, fearing it was a needless expense.

Yet, after careful consideration, some mentoring, she decided to proceed.

With curated career planning and sharpened negotiation skills, she succeeded in switching companies.

She secured a VP title.

Not only that she also secured an initial job offer with a base salary of $490,000 plus a $350,000 bonus.

Do you need a Career coach? Yes to Achieve More Than Expected

Though we refused to settle just with that initial offer.

We strategized further, enhancing her negotiation skills, which boosted her salary to $510,000 with a bonus escalating to $415,000.

Here’s a peek at the financial upturn:

  • Initial offer: $840,000

  • Revised offer: $925,000

  • Total increase: $85,000

We expanded her understanding of long-term incentives, leading her to secure an additional 10,000 stock options.

That company's stock has grown over 200%. When these stocks appreciated, the financial benefits were undeniable.

Your Potential is Priceless

This story isn’t just for those in executive roles.

Every one of us has untapped potential.

Investing in yourself might require a shift in mindset, a different approach, and sometimes, an initial financial outlay.

But remember, the most costly thing you can do is nothing at all.

Henry David Thoreau once said, "You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one."

Reflect on this: What is the true cost of inaction?

It’s time to recognize your worth and take decisive steps toward realizing it.

What will your next move be?


When you are ready to talk about career acceleration, book a FREE mini-coaching call.

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