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Get Paid What You Deserve: A Step-by-Step Script for Asking for a Raise

And it's FREE!

For years, I struggled to articulate my worth and ask for the raise I deserved. It wasn’t until I discovered a structured approach to negotiating that I finally saw results. After training in the science of influence and negotiation, I developed a proven script that has helped me secure thousands in additional compensation.
Own your financial security by negotiating the pay raise you deserve!

Kim B

“I was so afraid that I was going to mess up my relationship with my boss that I never asked for a pay increase. One day I came across Dorothy's post on LinkedIn and decided to work with her. I secured a 47% increase in my pay with her counsel!"
Image by Markus Spiske

Get Paid What you deserve

What you can expect to get


Confidence Boost

Gain the assurance and poise needed to ask for a raise effectively, eliminating the fear and uncertainty that often accompany salary negotiations.


Time Efficiency

Save time by following a concise and well-organized script, allowing you to prepare quickly and efficiently for your salary negotiation meeting.



Proven Framework

Utilize a tried-and-tested script that provides a clear, structured approach to negotiating a raise, ensuring you articulate your value convincingly.


More money

Secure the compensation you deserve by employing strategies that have successfully resulted in thousands of dollars in additional pay for others, enhancing your financial security.


My name is Dorothy Mashburn

My goal is to help you maximize your compensation!

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