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How to Use a Salary Negotiation Coach to Go from Fear to Absolute Freedom

Emily was distressed. Despite her hard work and significant contributions to her team, she felt undervalued and underpaid.

Emily knew she deserved a higher salary but was lost in a maze of uncertainty about how to approach the subject. Her attempts at negotiating had been unstructured and ineffective, leaving her more disheartened after each try.

She worried that asking for more might label her as demanding or ungrateful. This fear kept her from advocating for the compensation she truly deserved.

Enlisting a Salary Negotiation Coach

Realizing she needed expert guidance, Emily decided to secure a salary negotiation coach. She hoped that a professional could provide her with the strategies and confidence needed to successfully negotiate her salary.

The Coaching Experience: Building Skills and Confidence

Emily's coach began by assessing her situation, understanding her role, and evaluating her market value. Then Emily followed a seven-step program called the "Resolute Framework," customized for her by her salary negotiation coach. This comprehensive program was tailored to empower Emily with the necessary skills and mindset to effectively negotiate her salary.

1. Negotiating with Yourself: The Foundation of Confidence

  • The first step involved Emily engaging in a self-negotiation process. This was crucial in helping her overcome internal doubts and establish a firm belief in her worth. She reflected on her accomplishments and goals, aligning her mindset with her desired outcome.

2. Understanding Your Value: The Key to Justification

  • Emily worked closely with her coach to analyze her contributions and impact on her company. They assessed her skills, achievements, and the unique value she brought to her role, giving her a concrete foundation for her salary request.

3. Reframing Your Manager's Role : A Strategic Perspective

  • The program guided Emily to view her manager not just as a supervisor, but as a customer of her services. This shift in perspective enabled her to tailor her approach, focusing on how her work benefits the company, much like a product benefits a customer.

4. Developing a Three-Part Number: Providing a Choice

  • Emily learned to develop a three-part number for her desired salary: a desired number, a deal breaker number, and a dream number. This strategy prepared her for different negotiation scenarios, providing flexibility while maintaining clarity on her acceptable salary range.

5. Developing an Option B: Adding Power to her Pitch

  • Preparing an alternative plan, or an 'Option B', was important. This step involved securing an equivalent role within her company that would be the same pay but would allow Emily to grow her skills sets in a different area. This would give her leverage in her negotiation.

6. Making the Pitch: Execution with Confidence

  • With a solid plan in place, Emily was coached on how to effectively pitch her proposal. She practiced articulating her value proposition, aligning it with the company's objectives, and professionally presenting her salary request.

7. Knowing When to Accept and When to Walk Away: The Final Decision

  • Finally, Emily was equipped with strategies to assess the negotiation's outcome. She learned how to identify a fair offer and when it might be necessary to consider walking away if her minimum acceptable conditions were not met.

Throughout this process, the role-playing sessions were critical. Emily repeatedly practiced her pitch, received feedback, and refined her approach based on real-time advice. This not only enhanced her negotiation skills but also significantly boosted her confidence.

A Significant Raise and More

Armed with new skills and a solid plan, Emily approached her next salary discussion with poise and confidence. The result was astounding. She successfully negotiated a $37,000 increase in her base salary and bonus, along with the added perk of Flex Fridays.

Beyond the immediate financial benefits, Emily acquired lifelong skills in self-advocacy and confidence. She shed her fears of the irrational, embracing a newfound sense of achievement and recognition that was, for her, truly priceless.

When you are ready to negotiate your pay raise, get the free script here.

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