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Podcast Transcripts

Salary Negotiation Podcast Season 1 Episode 132 Your Dream Job - Mastering Job Hunting and Salary Negotiations with Caroline Ceniza-Levine

I am talking today with Caroline Ceniza-Levine, the founder of Dream Career Club, who is dedicated to helping professionals achieve their dream jobs and compensation.  

We touch on non-stop actionable insights including:

  1. Navigating Job Applications and Interviews

    • Dealing with the uncertainty and challenges in the job application process.

    • The role of multiple job leads and maintaining forward momentum.

  2. Effective Job Search Techniques

    • Power of networking and direct contact over blind resume submissions.

    • Importance of research and tailoring applications to specific job roles.

  3. Negotiation Skills in Job Searches

    • Guidance on negotiating job offers and understanding one's value.

    • Caroline's seven-step process for negotiation preparation.

  4. How to handle Employment Gaps

    • Advice on addressing employment gaps, focusing on what was achieved during these periods.

  5. Career Advancement Strategies

    • Importance of consistent effort, self-awareness, and troubleshooting during the job search process.


Salary Negotiation Podcast Season 1 Episode 131 Break Free From Feeling Stuck in Your Career With Michael Stinnett

We're in conversation with Michael Stinnett, also known as the Unstuck Coach.

Many individuals turn to coaching when they're feeling trapped, believing they can achieve more but are constrained by a ceiling at their current job. This not only hampers their growth but also their potential earnings. Through this episode, I hope to offer those who are feeling stuck the wisdom and inspiration they need to liberate themselves from that stagnation.

Dive into this episode for some actionable wisdom including:

  • The importance of recognizing that anything worth having requires hard work and effort.

  • The challenge of defining how hard "hard" is in the context of career transitions.

  • Overcoming the fear of discomfort and making methodical career decisions.

  • Examples of helping overwhelmed and spinning-their-wheels clients get unstuck.

  • Identifying transferable skills from the field of education to other industries.

  • The value of asking for more and not settling for less in terms of job offers.

  • Dealing with rejection and understanding that it's not a rejection of one's self.

  • The need for self-reflection and continuous learning about one's skills and value.

  • The importance of taking small steps and not limiting oneself based on past experiences.


I am talking to executive recruiter, Courtney Page, about the relevance of career exploration, mindset, and setting flexible goals. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Explore and experiment with career goals to maxmize fulfillment 

  2. Set flexible, feeling-based goals can lead to more opportunities and satisfaction.

  3. Examine your interests and skills, even if they seem unrelated to your career.

  4. Secrets to handling ATS.

  5. Know your desired salary.

  6. Women should aim higher when it makes sense.

  7. The importance of being open to exploration and having a holistic approach to your career journey.

Workshop Details: 

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We are speaking with Justine Beirne, an Executive Recruiter and Career Coach, who  shares significant insights that can help job hunters secure their dream jobs and dream salaries. Get ready to gain valuable insights on:

  1. Navigating the Job Market:

    • Offers advice to job seekers on how to get noticed by recruiters, emphasizing the need to understand recruiters' workload and treating them with empathy.

    • Discusses the significance of not only beating the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) but also understanding it and being patient in the job search process.

  2. The "Say Gap":

    • Introduces the concept of the "say gap," where individuals, especially women, tend to downplay their achievements and qualifications, hindering their career progression.

  3. Secret Sauce for Career Success:

    • Shares the secret sauce for overcoming career obstacles, which involves connecting with oneself on a deeper level, building self-worth, and having a clear vision for career goals.

  4. Manifesting Your Dream Career:

    • Highlights the importance of mindset in manifesting one's dream career, combining inner work, vision, practical steps, and networking to achieve it.

  5. Manifestation Program:

    • Offers a program to help individuals manifest their dream careers, providing a mix of group interaction and personalized attention.

Get started on intentionally steering your career and salary package. Swipe the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist (it's Free!): 

Is societal programming holding you back? Are past traumas dimming your inner light? This episode is for you! We are talking to Psychotherapist and Mindset Ninja, Bhavna Raithatha.

Bhavna consistently delivers authenticity in her words. Her candidness, vulnerability, and uplifting spirit shine through every conversation. Brace yourself to be profoundly touched, tested, and unmistakably inspired!



  1. Healing from Past Wounds

    • Bhavna's insights on addressing trauma.

    • "Rewiring" our mindset.

  2. The Power of Knowing Yourself

    • The need for self-awareness in the workplace.

    • How understanding our past can shape our future.

  3. Drawing the Line: Boundaries in Work

    • The dangers of overextending and seeking too much validation.

  4. Get What You're Worth

    • The message against settling for less pay.

    • Why women should always review and negotiate contracts.

  5. Real DEI in Workplaces

    • Beyond the buzzwords: making everyone feel valued.

  6. Tackling Hyper-vigilance

    • How trauma can lead to communication barriers.

    • Steps to recognize and manage it.

  7. Raising the LGBTQ+ Flag in Corporates

    • Bhavna's personal experiences as an Indian gay woman.

    • The need to advocate for and support the LGBTQ+ community.

  8. Childhood's Echo in Corporate Halls

    • How our early life shapes our work life.

    • Stories of strong female figures and their influence.

  9. Building Genuine Connections

  • The importance of true human connections at work.

  • Overcoming judgments and finding your tribe.


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We are talking today to Heather Holmes, Publicity Guru who believes in doing good - for yourself, your business, and for the world.

In this episode we talk about

  • What it takes to follow your dreams - Resilience and grit

  • Heather emphasizes the importance of discipline, daily habits, and resilience in following your business

  • Get out of the win-lose mindset!

  • Building a brand with intention and why it’s important

  • Don’t sell out but also find the balance to win

  • Mindset of “playing the part,” – allows you to adapt

Why is a personal brand strategy criticial for career success?

Working hard is no longer sufficient for career recognition and advancement. You must also be visible, esteemed, and strategically positioned. While it demands effort and time, crafting a personal brand is a necessary strategic tool. A strong personal brand can pave the way for new projects, promotions, and salary increases. It can also enhance your visibility, broaden your network, and generate new career opportunities.

Heather's Links

Elevate your brand, harness a modern communication strategy, and join a network of like-minded professionals that will propel you/your business forward... 

Heather's Website 


When you are ready, get your hands on a free copy of the "Know Your Worth" skills audit workbook. This will help you with self reflection and preparing yourself for building a sustainable career strategy. Know your worth and fight for it!

Want some secret (almost sneaky!) tricks to get the hiring manager to offer you the job and the highest pay in the job category? 

These three interview-ending questions are based on proven principles of influence and are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Question 1: "What caught your eye when you reviewed my resume and wanted me to interview?"

  • Question 2: "Why do you love this company?", "What makes you committed to this company?"

  • Question 3: "May I send you some examples and previous work product to help you with problem XYZ?"

Use mainstream questions for the main part of the interview, but reserve these three strategic questions for the end.

Tune to find out how these three questions work like magic to position you as the standout candidate.

Special Offer:

Salary Negotiation Podcast Seasion 1 Episode 124 
Engineer your Career Success and Pay Increases

Today we're diving into an action-oriented strategy to equip you with the tools you need for mastering your career and negotiating better pay.

Important Announcement:

  • Stick around until the end for an exciting give-away that will empower you to start acting on the insights gained from today's podcast right away.

Main Topics Covered:

The Three Paths to Career Growth:

  1. Wait to Be Rewarded

    • Client Story: Emily's long wait for a promotion.

  2. Power Through

    • Client Story: Jackie's burnout from long hours and extreme efforts.

  3. Create a System and Love the Process

    • Focus of Today's Episode

    • Why it's not just about the end result but enjoying the journey.

Action Plan:

  • Design your own career growth system, not just hoping for someone to notice your hard work or trying to fast forward to the end.

  • Why creating your own dopamine reward system will keep you not only in the race but also thoroughly enjoying every step of the journey.

Special Offer for this Month Only:

    • Remember the promise at the beginning of the episode? I am making my Resolute Career Blueprint Template - The Step-by-Step Guide to Engineering your Career Growth available (and IT'S FREE! for this month!). 

    • Don't just listen—act.


Thank you for joining us on this episode of "Salary Negotiations Made Simple." Remember to subscribe, rate, and leave a review. See you next time!

This episode guides you through strategies for projecting confidence and effective communication in various professional scenarios. Dorothy provides insights that empower listeners to be assertive without appearing threatening and highlights the importance of refining communication skills.


  • Focus on boosting confidence and mastering communication skills in negotiations.

  • Confidence and Accomplishments:

    • Downplaying achievements can undermine confidence.

    • Using self-assured language to own accomplishments.

    • Balancing confidence without seeming threatening.

  • Addressing Qualifiers:

    • Identifying common filler words and phrases.

    • Slowing down speech for clarity and confidence.

    • Recording and reviewing to reduce interjections.

  • Balancing Confidence and Collaboration:

    • Striking a balance between confidence and collaboration.

    • Fostering dialogue and presenting authority through language.

    • Flexible positioning based on available information.

  • Effective Communication: Pregnant Pauses:

    • Significance of pauses in communication.

    • Maintaining 3 to 5 seconds of silence.

    • Imparting confidence and allowing strategic responses.

In this episode, we are talking to Mollie Lo, a business and career coach, focusing on salary negotiations and professional growth. The episode covers critical topics related to career development, transitions, and finding your happy place in your career journey. 

Key Points:

Empowering Career Transitions: Molly discusses her passion for helping individuals, especially women with established careers, transition to new and fulfilling roles. 

Overcoming Fear and Getting Unstuck: Embrace collaboration over competition

Identifying Core Traits and Desires: Set authentic goals and make choices that resonate with their true selves.

Collaboration and Abundance Mindset: The uniqueness of each coach's approach and how this attracts the right fit. 

Invest in Coaching: Embrace coaching to accelerate their growth.

Action Steps: Consider your core traits, desires, and non-negotiables. This introspective process can lead to clarity about the direction you want to take in your careers and lives.

In this inspiring episode, I am joined by Michelle Rios, a talented corporate executive who has transformed into a personal development expert and podcast host. Michelle takes us on a journey from her roots in a small New England town to reaching the pinnacle as an executive vice president at a prestigious PR firm in Washington DC.

Michelle underscores the significance of self-belief and acting with the conviction of already occupying a higher, aspirational position. Through visualization, emotion, and executive behavior, Michelle reveals the secrets to achieving career goals at an accelerated pace.

Michelle's is candid and authentic as she shares her inner journey of self-discovery, grappling with her true dreams versus societal expectations. Her story will resonate deeply with high achieving women - stop wearing the "badge of overworking" - be free to find a new story if the old story no longer serves you.

You are sure to be inspired with actionable wisdom, empowering you to make positive changes and confidently pursue your extraordinary dreams.

Join us in our latest episode where we welcome the remarkable Julie Michelle Morris. She shares her insights on the critical importance of building thought leadership on a professional platform.

Julie delivers actionable insights bound to inspire you to embark on your thought leadership journey.

She encourages us to "put in the reps" - similar to an athlete training to master their sport. From honing skills to refining your message and expanding your network, consistent effort is key to achieving tangible success.

And the cherry on top? You'll gain unlimited negotiation leverage in any salary negotiation discussion. With a strong network and authority in your field, your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) becomes powerful and ready to execute.

Once upon a time in Portugal, in a beautiful Indian restaurant....listen to the podcast for the story!

My guest this week is Dr. Z. In this engaging conversation, Dr. Michelle Zive shares, with heart and humor, personal stories and anecdotes. She shares her background, discussing her experience in academia and the realization of the lack of representation and diversity in the curriculum. She highlights her passion for helping women understand the influence of the patriarchy and societal systems on their lives. As she shares her journey, she sheds light on to the delicate dance of balancing her passion with the need to ensure her urgent message resonates with others.

There is so much wisdom and insight here - you are in for a treat! 

In this episode on Salary Negotiations Made Simple, Christy Rutherford is dynamite, offering a stirring blend of vulnerability and honesty that immediately pulls you in. She fearlessly shares her own struggles, turning her story into an inspiring journey of self-discovery and healing. But Christy isn't just telling her story - she's shining a spotlight on the limiting beliefs that often tether professional women, offering a powerful call to arms to break these bonds.

As you listen, you'll feel as though Christy is right there with you, cheering you on through your own hurdles and victories. Her authenticity is tangible, creating a bond that makes listeners feel seen, valued, and, above all, inspired. 

How to ask for a raise during performance review - Want to boost your chances of getting that well-deserved raise during your performance review?

In this episode, we provide five essential tips that will empower you to ask for that raise with confidence.

From timing your ask just right to treating the discussion as a fresh job interview, we've got you covered.

We'll show you how to showcase your accomplishments, armed with a handy brag sheet and supporting data to solidify your case.

And don't worry about those pre-meeting jitters – we've got techniques to help you stay calm and assert your worth like a pro.

Know your worth and fight for it!

In this podcast episode, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of interviews and salary negotiations with a seasoned senior executive. 

Our guest is an accomplished executive with a wealth of experience, and he shares insights on what really impresses senior executives when they're looking for the ideal candidate. We'll dig into the qualities and attributes that make someone stand out from the competition.  

Our guest also shares his views on salary negotiations. Do senior executives expect you to negotiate? You'll find out. We'll cover the best practices for discussing your worth and making sure you're not leaving money on the table. 

Discover the skills, mindset, and actions that will help you develop and reach your career goals. 

Unmask the tricks of your mind with our podcast on cognitive distortions. We explore common thinking patterns like all-or-nothing thinking, overgeneralization, and more. In this episode, we focus on how these distortions affect the decision to ask for a raise and question self-worth. Learn practical strategies to overcome these mental hurdles and confidently negotiate your salary.

In this episode, we explore the causes of anxiety before salary negotiations and share effective strategies to address it. We discuss normalizing and reframing negotiation anxiety, emphasizing the importance of preparation and practice. Building allies and understanding the focusing illusion are additional tools to ease anxiety. Lastly, we shed light on the unique challenges women face in negotiations. Join us as we empower you to conquer anxiety and excel in salary negotiations. 

On the power of the Linkedin profile and how you can leverage it to design the career of your dreams. We also emphasize the value of conducting  experiments, being open to trying new approaches, and learning from failures. Engineering exit strategies, i.e. optimizing your Linkedin profile helps build lasting confidence. 

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