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Want Maximum Pay? Three Surprising Interview Ending Questions to Elegantly Seal the Deal

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

'Wow, we have to get Julie into our organization at all costs!' I heard one of the hiring managers say the other day. Good for Julie I thought. She has cracked the code.

Chances are, you've encountered a situation like this in your career. You've likely witnessed the kind of enthusiasm that a particular candidate can generate, leaving you both intrigued and curious. Have you ever found yourself wondering just what sets them apart, what unique ingredients they bring to the table that inspires such championing?

Asking the right questions at the conclusion of an interview!

But let's be clear: you can't simply ask the run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter questions like, 'What does my first 90 days look like in this role?' No, that won't do. We're here to elevate the interview strategy to a level where the hiring manager thinks, 'I must have this person on my team. I'll champion their cause with HR and the Compensation teams to secure the highest possible salary for them.'

Here are three powerful questions to ask that will work their magic for you.

Interview ending question and Answer - What Specifically Caught Your Eye on My Resume?

Ask the hiring manager, "When you reviewed my resume, what aspects made you choose me?"

The power in this question is it's a strategic move that invites the hiring manager to reevaluate your qualifications, effectively thrusting your achievements into the spotlight of their consciousness.

The renowned psychologist and Nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman, has done significant research on this aspect of human cognition—the availability heuristic. This heuristic suggests that what we think about most recently tends to be disproportionately more influential in shaping our judgments and decisions.

When you pose the question about your resume, you are strategically leveraging the availability heuristic. By doing so, you compel the hiring manager to revisit your qualifications, making them more salient and fresh in their mind. This, in turn, has a profound impact on their perception of you as a candidate.

Interview ending question and Answer - What Inspires Your Commitment to This Company?

To explore this aspect, contemplate asking the hiring manager, "What keeps you committed to this company? How has the company's culture and work environment supported your personal and professional growth?" There are two reasons to ask this question.

Firstly, it furnishes you with valuable insights into what employees value most within the organization, offering you a clearer perspective on what to anticipate should you join.

Secondly, inquiring about the hiring manager's personal experiences encourages them to share their own journey within the company. People relish discussing themselves, rendering this question instrumental in establishing positive rapport and leaving an enduring impression. Building a robust rapport can ultimately work to your advantage during salary negotiations.

Interview ending question and Answer - Could I send Articles (or previous Work Product) to solve your XYZ problem?

This question is strategically designed to leverage a powerful principle of influence known as reciprocity, as famously outlined by Robert Cialdini in his groundbreaking research.

Reciprocity, in essence, is the innate desire to repay a favor or act of generosity. When we extend a helping hand or offer assistance, we trigger a sense of indebtedness in the recipient. They feel compelled to reciprocate in some form, often by thinking and acting in positive terms about us.

Now, consider this within the context of a job interview. Throughout the conversation, you're likely to uncover the challenges and problems that the team is currently grappling with. These issues represent their pain points, their unmet needs, and their areas of concern.

When you proactively offer to send relevant articles and work product to help address these problems, you're doing more than showcasing your skills and expertise. You're engaging the powerful principle of reciprocity. By making this generous offer, you're creating a subtle but significant sense of indebtedness in the hiring manager.

They now perceive you not just as a candidate but as someone who has already extended a helping hand, someone who has shown a genuine interest in their challenges and a willingness to contribute solutions. This positively biases their perception of you and makes them more inclined to view your application favorably.

These three interview ending questions are your super weapons in the arsenal of a successful interview. While it's true that many well-informed candidates might ask generic questions like, 'What does the training process entail?' or 'What are the keys to success in this role?' – you are no ordinary candidate. You stand out from the rest.

On more trick to keep in mind - Frontload the first few interviews rounds with those run-of-the-mill questions and reserve these three super weapons for the grand finale.

By keeping these powerful interview ending questions in your back pocket until the end, you emphasize your distinctiveness. You're signaling to the hiring manager that you're not just another candidate going through the motions but someone who has carefully considered the role, the company, and how you can uniquely contribute.

Cheers! You're on the path to not just securing your dream job but also negotiating the dream salary you rightfully deserve.

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