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Skyrocket Your Career: Presenting the "Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Nailing Interviews & Boosting Your Paycheck!"


What if you had an insider guide that told you exactly what to say and what to avoid to make sure you're not just landing the job, but also commanding the salary you deserve?


The actionable guide, "The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Do's and Don'ts for Nailing Interviews and Boosting Your Paycheck", is packed with real tips and hacks that will not only make you an interview superstar but also a salary negotiation ninja.


Inside, we tackle questions that haunt even seasoned professionals, such as:


  • What’s the Play When Salary Comes Up Early On? Handling the ‘salary expectations’ question in the first or second meeting without breaking a sweat.

  • Non-Negotiable Salary? Think Again! Crack the code on turning a "final offer" into an open negotiation.

  • Already Said 'Yes'? It's Not Over! Find out if and how you can renegotiate your salary even after accepting an offer.

  • Don’t Let Past Pay Dictate Your Future: How to sidestep the salary history trap and focus on your current value.

  • And Way More: Trust us, we're just scratching the surface here!


This isn't your typical humdrum advice; this is actionable information designed to give you the upper hand at every stage of the job interview process. 


Plus, a special bonus

Get 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching time with Dorothy Mashburn, negotiations expert, to fine-tune your interview and salary negotiation pitch. 


Use this Ultimate Cheat Sheet and Dorothy's expert guidance to elevate your career, negotiate like a pro, and embrace the success you've worked so hard for.


Don't leave your career to chance. Arm yourself with strategies that work.

Career Catalyst Bundle + Coaching Session

$798.00 Regular Price
$558.60Sale Price
  • Questions include-

    • What should I do if the employer asks about my salary expectations during the first or second meeting?
    • What's the best way to respond if the employer says the salary is non-negotiable?
    • Can I negotiate salary after I've already accepted a job offer? If so, how do I approach the conversation?
    • How do I handle a salary negotiation when the employer asks about my current salary or salary history?

    And more!

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