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Resolute Salary Intensive

Secure a custom strategy to engineer your dream compensation package!

The 1-Day, 4 hour program includes:

  • 6 modules on gamification and negotiation mastery

  • One-on-one power strategy session

  • Value articulation sprints 

  • Role play critiques

  • 5 BONUS modules to extract maximum value

Results you can expect:

  • Show up as an executive level candidate

  • Pitch your brand powerfully at every contact point 

  • 2x your compensation package


This is a personalized, one-on-one strategy intensive designed to give you the skills, points and counterpoints to powerfully negotiate your value.



Profile users on the other side


Mindset fine tune to show up with authority


Scenario planning and what-if preparation


Influence strategies to uplevel your pitch


Body language skills reflect confidence

"Participating in this program showed me the areas that were holding me back, hindering my confidence. It enabled me to overcome these barriers, significantly boosting my self-assurance. This experience provided the clarity I needed to recognize and comprehend these issues, accept them, and ultimately move beyond them. I recommend this program to anyone currently spinning their wheels in their career."

Dina C.

Dorothy Mashburn.png

My goal for You

Give you the ultimate customized strategy and script to portray yourself as a $500k+ candidate with the clarify, confidence, and authority to command that salary.

I genuinely recommend Dorothy for her exceptional expertise in career navigation and compensation. We recently had a chat where she was authentic and shared some amazing advice on refining my job search strategy. 


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