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How to Stand out in an Interview using Influence techniques

Want to stand out in a sea of job interview candidates? Do something different.

Use a technique from Influence and Persuasion called 'Motivated Sequence.' This is a powerful technique (first proposed by Alan Monroe) in persuasive communication, designed to guide your audience towards a specific action.

This approach has been proven to deliver results.

This method involves five key steps:

Two executives standing in optimism.
Unique Ways to Stand out in a Job Interview

  1. Attention: Grab the audience's attention with a compelling opening statement, story, fact, or question.

  2. Need: Highlight a problem or need that is relevant to the audience, creating a sense of urgency or importance.

  3. Satisfaction: Propose a solution to the identified need, explaining how it resolves the issue effectively.

  4. Visualization: Help the audience envision the positive outcomes of adopting your solution, making it more tangible and desirable.

  5. Action: Conclude with a clear call to action, guiding the audience on what they should do next.

How would you use this to stand out in an interview? Here is an example:

  1. Attention: Start your answer by immediately capturing the interviewer's interest. For example, if asked about problem-solving skills, begin with an hook like, "I once faced a situation that seemed completely unsolvable at first..."

  2. Need: Identify a challenge or issue that was relevant in your past roles. Continuing the example, you might say, "Our team was struggling with declining customer satisfaction even though all our regular metrics seemed to be on par..."

  3. Satisfaction: Present your action as a solution to the problem. "To address this, I implemented a new customer feedback system..."

  4. Visualization: Help the interviewer see the positive impact of your actions. "We acquired feedback from our customers at an unprecedented scale. We were able to address issues immediately. This not only improved our satisfaction scores by 30% but the word of mouth impact to our brand was immense...."

  5. Action: Conclude by relating your answer back to the potential role, suggesting how your skills could be beneficial in the new position. "I am excited to bring this proactive problem-solving approach to your team and help drive similar successes."

Three women executives looking hopeful
How to Stand out in Interviews

See, how each step aligns with guiding the interviewer through an interesting story, showcasing your actions and skills and how they apply to the role you're interviewing for. Do this for as many interview questions as you can. This sequence works for influencing people to make decisions. It will work to show case you as THE ideal candidate!

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