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Breaking the Stalemate: How an Executive's Alliance Pod Catapulted Her to Quickly Get Promoted at Work

It's a truth universally acknowledged - that individual executives who are savvy at delivering win after win for their organizations often neglect to mirror the same strategies when it comes to optimizing their careers!

But what if we did? Could we then mirror the unimaginable successes of the S&P and the NASDAQ? For our careers that is.

I believe the answer is yes. Here's an example of someone who did just that.

My client saw the value in emulating successful business practices and leveraged the power of strategic alliances to propel herself and her peers to new heights.

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How to Get Promoted at Work Quickly

Use strategic alliances to get promoted quickly at work

What is a strategic alliance in business?

Simply put, it's when two companies join forces, sharing common objectives while maintaining their independence. Together, they combine resources and expertise, creating win-win opportunities for each. Examples are Uber working with Spotify for an enhanced ride experience, or Starbucks and Target coming together.

Let's go back to the beginning

My client approached me when she was at a very low point.

For the past 3-4 years, she'd been stuck in a stalemate. Despite meeting all expectations and delivering results swiftly, nothing changed. She tried everything: 360 reviews, coaching, mentoring.

Still, no progress.

She was repeatedly assured it would happen soon. Frustrated, she sought clarity and reassurance.

Was her ambition too much? Was she overlooking something?

Blueprint to promotion

As we started working together, it became apparent that her primary strategy revolved around relying solely on her supervisor to advocate for her career advancement.

This tendency is a common thread among many ambitious executive women I encounter—a misunderstanding of the need to actively steer their own career trajectories.

Gone are the days when employees could rely solely on their supervisors to champion their career interests. In overburdened workplaces, many bosses simply don't have the bandwidth to dedicate to individual career advancement, despite their best intentions.

So, if your boss either can't or won't assist you in your career journey, what options do you have?

The strategy we outlined is simple yet powerful: create a strategic alliance, like those forged by corporations, with supportive colleagues and contacts who are committed to each other's professional growth.

The essence of this strategy lies in mutual support and collaboration, where members of the alliance actively promote each other's achievements and advocate for their advancement.

Imagine this: you do something remarkable, and a member of your alliance sends out a commendatory email, shining a spotlight on your accomplishments. In return, you reciprocate the gesture, amplifying their successes within your network.

Then, when opportunities arise to propose projects or recommend individuals for advancement, you leverage your network to ensure your allies are considered—and they do the same for you.

It's starting a snowball rolling downhill—the momentum builds with each reciprocal act of support, propelling all members of the alliance toward their career goals. By banding together and actively championing each other's success, you create a dynamic force that can't be ignored, driving collective progress and advancement for all involved.

This is the strategy my client implemented.

How to get promoted at work quickly - offering support

She initiated her journey by adopting a mindset rooted in generosity, willingly extending support to her colleagues without any expectation of immediate reciprocation.

This part included a range of actions, from performing genuine favors and acknowledging their efforts to actively promoting their brand and achievements, even in their absence.

Through these genuine gestures, she laid the foundation for strong and meaningful relationships within her professional network.

Targeting the Future Organization She Aimed to Impact

Through our work together, she gained clarity on where she wanted to head next. She zeroed in on an adjacent vertical that could utilize her skills and where she could make a big impact.

Once she knew where she wanted to go, she strategically sought out opportunities within this field, opting for a more indirect approach rather than directly asking for a job.

She approached influential colleagues for guidance on navigating conversations with decision-makers. Then she nurtured those fledgling relationships. She started expanding her network. And she started peppering in recognition and "favors" to those newer colleagues.

She was on her way to building a brand as a proactive and resourceful professional.

In less than three months, she has managed to establish an unprecedented brand within her company, swiftly becoming an emerging leader.

Then, in month four, her outstanding results driven attitude and dedication were duly recognized, resulting in a well-deserved promotion. Now, she finds herself leading a pivotal global project tasked with integrating various logistical components in commercial operations - her targeted functional area!

Her "Alliance pod" remains steadfast allies, just as she is a champion for them. This team of peers and colleagues not only offer support but also provide her with access to a highly skilled and agile team, ready to tackle challenges.

Recognizing the value of her ability to assemble such high-performing teams swiftly, her organization holds her in high regard, further cementing her position as a key player in driving success and innovation.

Conclusion - How to Get promoted at Work Quickly

In conclusion, my client's journey clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of adopting proven business strategies, such as strategic alliances, to carefully enhance one's career trajectory.

By forging alliances, my client successfully navigated the stagnant state of her career and soared. To new heights of achievement, recognition, and most importantly a bigger paycheck.

The power of strategic alliances is undeniable.

As the saying goes, we are indeed better together, and by leveraging the power of collaboration, individuals can unlock the know-how of how to get promoted quickly at work.


Each career needs a nuanced strategy, a sort of blueprint. If you're ready to accelerate, book a complimentary mini-coaching call.

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