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Get Hired in Record Time - Exclusive Insights from an Insider

As a hiring manager, I've had the unique opportunity to view the job market from a perspective many don't get to see. I've observed the nuances of what genuinely draws a recruiter or a hiring manager's attention in a flood of applications.

It's essential to understand the sheer volume of resumes and profiles that land on a recruiter's or hiring manager's desk. On an average day, they might sift through 200 to 300 applications. Amidst this flood, and coupled with their daily responsibilities, allocating the deserved time and attention to every applicant is often a big feat.

This issue showcases how important it is to stand out. It's not just about meeting the criteria but resonating with the person reviewing your application. That's where this guide comes in. Armed with insights from behind the hiring curtain, the tips and strategies outlined here are designed to give you that critical edge, ensuring you're not just another name in the stack, but a standout candidate.

By leveraging this knowledge, you can potentially halve the time it takes to secure that much-coveted interview or job offer. This is the answer to the often asked question, "How can I make my job search faster?" Dive in, and equip yourself for success:

Woman in her 50s in executive clothes

How can I make my job search faster?

Cold Emailing is just fine

As a hiring manager, I'm impressed by individuals who can grab my attention with a cold email. It signals drive, initiative, and resourcefulness. Don't hesitate to reach out and provide a strong case about why you are the candidate she should look at!

With a sea of online applications, what makes the difference is your approach. Don't waste anyone's time with generic hellos. Managers are extremely busy. Take the time to tailor your emails. Make sure you understand what the company/individual stands for, and how you fit in. Those who personalize and show genuine interest often get a closer look.

A call-out on Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS)

These days, a significant portion of the hiring process is automated, especially during the initial stages. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become the norm in many companies as a tool to filter through the vast number of job applications they receive. These systems look for specific keywords, qualifications, and other criteria set by the employer to shortlist candidates. Consequently, many job seekers feel pressured to optimize their resumes so that they pass through this automated screening.

While it's important to be aware of ATS and how they work, it's crucial not to become overly focused on it. A resume optimized for ATS might not necessarily be optimized for a human reader. Remember, after the ATS shortlist, a human recruiter or hiring manager will still review the selected resumes, and that's where the genuine connection and impression happen.

Even as you optimize your resume for ATS, don't forget to build relationships. By forming genuine connections in your desired industry or with people in companies you're interested in, you get a direct line to opportunities that might not be advertised widely. More importantly, you have someone who knows you and can vouch for your capabilities, thus potentially bypassing or at least complementing the ATS process.

LinkedIn's "Open to Work" Badge

The 'Open to Work' badge on LinkedIn is a beacon for recruiters. As a hiring manager frequently collaborating with recruiters, I know they often use LinkedIn to spot candidates using this badge. However, a word of caution: if you choose to use this badge, ensure your profile is impeccable. Remember, first impressions are lasting!

If you need help with this, get the free LinkedIn Optimization checklist here.

Stay on a Recruiter's Radar

Recruiters are the gatekeepers of many job opportunities. If you've interacted with them in the past, a gentle nudge or update can keep you on their list for future roles. Remember, recruiters value candidates who make their jobs easier.

Invest in LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium provides tools and insights that can be very helpful. From a hiring perspective, candidates who use Premium wisely, reaching out with purpose and precision, often stand out. Avoid mass messages; instead, craft pitches that resonate. Make use of the InMail feature. Follow this rule:

  1. Send 10 connection requests per day with a tailored message

  2. To those who connect, send a second message related to your field or industry; then start engaging regularly from there

  3. Send follow-ups to those who did not respond

  4. Repeat!

Engage on LinkedIn

Being an active participant on LinkedIn can significantly elevate your visibility. It's more than just having an account; it's about genuinely immersing yourself in the community. Engage by sharing, posting, and commenting. Dive deep into discussions, offer your perspectives, and contribute meaningfully to the conversations.

From my standpoint as a hiring manager, candidates who are dynamic on LinkedIn, especially those who consistently share perceptive content or partake in substantial dialogues, are more memorable. They radiate a sense of passion, industry engagement, and commitment to continuous learning.

Take a simple test. Seek out a few influential LinkedIn profiles – ones that have a follower count upwards of 100,000. Observe the interactions on their posts. You'll quickly realize that, despite the vast number of followers, only a handful – perhaps in the tens – leave comments. This presents an opportunity. By consistently commenting and adding value to these posts, you'll stand out. Amidst the sea of passive followers, your proactive engagement will not only make you noticeable to the profile owner but also to their expansive network. Over time, this consistent visibility will lead to opportunities.

TikTok Isn't Just for Dance Moves

Believe it or not, TikTok does have some great coaches who provide actionable job tips and networking. Engage with career content on TikTok. It's a fresh avenue that might just lead to surprising opportunities. Few options below:

Hannah Gets Hired

Job Doctor Tessa

Your Past Colleagues Are Gold

When a candidate comes recommended by a current or former employee, they instantly garner more attention in the hiring process. The reason is simple: endorsements from familiar and trusted individuals hold significant value. These referrals are not just a testament to the candidate's capabilities but also vouch for their character, work ethic, and fit for the organization.

This trust factor significantly reduces the perceived risk for hiring managers. A positive word from someone who has worked alongside you, understands the company culture, and can genuinely speak to your strengths and contributions is invaluable.

Do not underestimate the power of professional networks. Reconnecting with former colleagues and keeping the rapport alive can prove highly beneficial in your job search journey. These relationships provide that initial nudge to get noticed.

In my own experience, every position I've secured has had an element of a heads-up from a previous colleague. While this doesn't guarantee a job offer, it certainly provides a distinct advantage, ensuring your resume isn't just another paper in the stack but is instead highlighted and given priority.

SprucE Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Last but not least, your LinkedIn profile is more important than ever. Here's how to make it stand out -

  • Fill it Out Fully: A complete profile tells a compelling story. As hiring managers, we want to see your journey and achievements at a glance.

  • Keywords Matter: Candidates often get spotted through searches. Use industry-related words that boost your visibility.

  • Clean and Professional URL: A simple, clean LinkedIn URL shows attention to detail. Make sure and customize it.

  • Visuals Count: Infographics, presentations, or even snapshots from key projects can set you apart. Put them in the featured section.

  • Professional Headshot: Please make sure that this is a professional photo. No weird angles, no blurry images.

Believe it or not, much of your competition will fail to complete the steps above even though the list seems simple enough. Getting this done will get your foot in the door!

Lastly, I want to emphasize the importance of resilience in the job-hunting journey. The process can be demanding and often takes longer than expected. Many job seekers can find themselves on the hunt for up to 6 months before landing the right position. It's a test of patience, perseverance, and self-belief. If you find the process overwhelming, consider seeking the guidance of a career coach. With the expertise and strategies provided by a competent coach, you could potentially cut that search time in half, finding a suitable job in under 3 months. But, regardless of the route you take, the most crucial piece of advice is this: never give up. Stay determined, stay hopeful, and continue pushing forward. Your determination and consistent efforts will eventually pay off.

Finally, let's get your LinkedIn profile optimized with this free checklist. A strong online brand will work wonders in landing connections, interviews, and finally job offers!

Remember it's only a matter of time when you land your job interview. Everything will be a blur when that happens. So, prepare for it now, and get the toolbox to successful job offer negotiations, download this audio training (it's free!).

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